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Per USCIS rules, it is the responsibility of the applicant to pay for their I-693 services. We accept payments by credit card and cash. Medical Insurance does not cover your Immigration Services/Exam. Medical Insurance will cover any vaccines you may need updated.

A.  Complete I-693 Immigration Exams are done to verify the physical and mental health of applicants. We are required to do an AGE APPROPRIATE:  1) physical/mental examination; 2) laboratory testing (Tuberculosis, Syphilis & Gonorrhea); and, 3) updating of immunization vaccines.

The price for the required first 3 elements is:

$500  for applicants over age 18, and

$400 for those under 18 years of age.

The final price will only increase if any additional immigration required services or follow-up/confirmatory tests/treatments are required depending on the exam.  If vaccine updating is required, then this may be done as a preventative service through most medical health insurance. For applicants who do not have health insurance, we have a list of Federally funded/Public Health clinics where the vaccines can be obtained at a reduced price (usually $10 per shot).

USCIS require a chest X-ray if:  1) your Tuberculosis screening lab is "positive"; 2) you have signs or symptoms of Tuberculosis; or, 3) you have immunosuppression (such as HIV).  Chest X-rays cost $57 without insurance for anyone ≥ 10 years old and $70 for those under 10 years old.

Treponemal Confirmation testing ($50) is required for any "positive" Syphilis screening lab.

B.  Partial I-693 Vaccine Updates are $250, and ONLY include documenting/signing valid proof of current immunizations.

A copy of the completed forms will be given to the applicant at the final meeting.  Payment in full is required before TCMC will release the completed I-693 Forms.  All prices are subject to change at any time, but will be supplied to each applicant at their visit to TCMC.  An itemized statement and receipt confirming proof of payment is available for each patient.


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